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Born from several individual initiatives, the N.G.O "École et Nature" is an independant structure which assembles a large number of people working for environmental education : teachers, instructors, local collectivities and Government employees. Their local initiatives are echoed in regional and national networks.

Objectives / Story / Members / Actions / Philosophy

École et Nature is a representative force of the french environmental education world : 600 members support their actions on a local level. 10 local units facilitate the exchange of the information. 18 networks make the action on a regional scale more dynamic. Finally, the permanent team, the board and all the members concerned coordinate the national and international projects. École et Nature's purpose is to organize all these levels of action, beyond the limits of the network and refusing any hierarchy

Acting together

École et Nature allows a collective development of projects. Eight workshops have given birth to new tools useful to everyone : among them : the workshops “publications”, "Gestes au Quotidien", “Environmental education and Internet”, " Formation", "Pedagogic Research"…

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Ecole et Nature is member of Eurosymbioses project.

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